Children’s Garden Home Nairobi: Second Permanent Primary School Class

In de afgelopen jaren ondersteunde het JVWF reeds het Children’s Garden Home Nairobi project van Daddy Mozes, in een sloppenwijk van Nairobi, o.a. middels de bouw van schoollokalen. Er is ongelofelijk veel bereikt. Het JVWF ondersteunde opnieuw het Children’s Garden Home project met een tweede ‘primary school class’.

Moses Ndungu:
“We are well and the children are doing great. They are now doing their end of term three of the Academic year 2020 after which they will join their next class towards the end of July following the impact of Covid 19 on learning.

We are delighted as we take this opportunity to appreciate you for the donation of one more class towards the completion of the eight permanent primary classes project. This will help the children get a conducive environment for learning. The classes are also built according to the government regulations hence ensuring we are on the safe side of the Law while providing education for the less fortunate in our community. The current class has been very helpful, it was used by class 2020 eight candidates previously to them closing the school and it helped tremendously during their national examinations. This is also the year that we had the greatest improvement in the national examination and we look forward to even better performance. Currently, the class is being used by the Academic year 2021 form four candidates as we await for the class eight candidates towards the end of this month. The class has helped the students gain more concentration and are excited about their academics. As we start the construction of the second class, we can only imagine the joy and happiness of the children as we saw during the construction of the first one.

No words can express our heartfelt gratitude but we pray that you may forever be blessed and happy. Long Live Jacoba Van Wassenaer Foundation. We love you, God bless you.”

Children’s Garden Home is a community-based, non-governmental, non-profit charitable organization for orphans, abandoned, abused, desperate and neglected street children regardless of religion, sex, colour or tribe. Through parental love, spiritual care, rehabilitation and non-formal education, we nurture them to unleash their full potential towards living a good life based on self-reliance. 

“We started the Children’s Garden Home having 5-6 children in a one-room tin-roofed shanty near the Kawangware slum. The rent was kindly sponsored by a Swedish lady, our first donor in 2001. All the homeless children lived together with my family. As more children joined us, we moved to a church with 4-5 partitioned classrooms and rented separate rooms for the boys’ and girls’ living quarters. In 2005-2006, a kind-hearted Canadian church group purchased our currently premise and donated it as the home and school for our children. We are eternally grateful for all our past and present donors, supporters and volunteers, without whom, the children will not have a home and school. Besides the children’s basic needs, love and care for the children, being there for them as they grow up is our main priority. I see all the children as the same as my own and always make myself available for them to come to me. No child is perfect. I exercise tough love and give responsibility to those who are stubborn. Despite these, given the children’s background, they may still mess up. Some of our children have run away many times and we always bring them back, give them space and have faith. With love, all of them can become mighty oaks in their own way.”
Sylvia Ndungu, founder Childrens Garden Home


Children are seedlings from the Divine. With love and care, all tiny seedlings, however poor, neglected and oppressed, are capable of growing into mighty oak trees. We are gardeners who nurture mighty oaks out of destitute children. And our vision is for these mighty oaks to create more mighty oaks across Kenya and rid our country of destitution.


To provide means for orphans, destitute, poor and oppressed children to grow up into educated, Godly and responsible citizens who can positively impact their country and improve the lives for other Kenyans. We do this through parental love, spiritual care, rehabilitation and offering education to nourish their personal development for the benefit of Kenya and Africa at large. 


We provide basic needs, parental care and love for the orphans and destitute children.
We provide non-formal and vocational education.
We offer spiritual guidance and counseling services to the children.
We create awareness and impact of HIV and AIDS in the youth.
We create environmental awareness (pollution and conservation).

On behalf of all the children and many future generations of children to come in Children’s Garden Home and School, we say a big thank you to Jacoba van Wassenaer Foundation of Netherlands for your kind donation to build us a new Nursery Hall. We are grateful to Monika Fauth for helping us to secure this donation. The little ones, for the first time in 18 years, will have a proper nursery classroom to learn and play in a conductive and safe environment when the new school term starts in Jan 2019.
Asante sana. 



P.O. Box 315-00605 Uthiru, Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254 (0) 721 308678 / 726 814512